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We offer payroll plans from Basic to Platinum, set up to meet the different needs of companies. No matter your payroll needs we will find a plan to fit your needs.

Time Tracking

We offer time tracking options from very basic to very advanced.  No matter your needs this is the easiest way to track time you will find.

Human Relations

We offer an HR support center for companies in need, as well as 24/7 US based customer service. Don't look any further to have your questions and problems answered.

We continually adapt our services to the way you do business.

We believe in molding our services around the way our clients do business instead of making them conform to the way other payroll providers define.

At Payroll Managers we have been doing payroll for businesses around the United States since 1995.  In that time we learned that every business has different needs and every business owner has a different schedule.

Let us at Payroll Managers help you find the best payroll program for you!

So whether you are a small business taking advantage of self-service option and preparing your payroll in just 3 clicks, or you are large business with many advanced needs, it is our goal to make processing with us the easiest for you will ever find.


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